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Sustainable atmos pink / グレンチェックベルテッドコート

by atmos pink

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Item Size

Size 身幅 肩幅 総丈 そで丈 重量(g)
S 58 48 119 48.5 450
M 59 49 123 49 500

※ZOZOTOWN uses its own unique measuring system for its products.

Notes for size guide

  • - All clothing is placed evenly on a flat surface when taking measurements.
  • - Please allow for discrepancies of up to 2 cm in measurements.
    Depending on the shape, some clothing may have measurements that are not shown in the size guide.
  • - Collar length is not included in the total length of an item.
  • - For clothing with pleats or tucks, measurements are taken without stretching the item.
  • - For asymmetrical clothing or clothing with different sleeve lengths,
    the longest measurement will be displayed as the total length.
  • - For clothing with different lengths for front and back, both lengths will be measured separately.
  • - Width is measured at 2 cm below the armpit.

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669-8911009-020 / 669-8911009-040_SAP

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